The Walk Of Life

By on February 1, 2015

Welcome to the Nature Blog. Nature is big topic which i can write a lot so much though lets connect with it and lets enjoy what it has to offer!

Walking down a path in nature not only provides your soul with fresh air, calmness and peace. But just hearing the leaves of the tress as they rattle with the wind provides the most soothing feeling one can experience and connect with. Hearing the birds as they communicate and  sing to the world provides one with a peaceful soul that allows them to learn from it how we can communicate as individuals in harmony.

Who said we cant battle cancer or relieve stress in life! The wonderful treatments that are available to us in nature is still being discovered everyday and its benefits to our bodies. Battling the horrific things that people can and do to nature and its species tears this bond that exists and creates an unbalanced universe potential to the point of no return.

Most people as themselves the question that baffles me consistently…

What can one person do to change anything ?

Well, its starts with one, its starts with us and slowly the effect ripples to your surrounding. Massive changes starts with one small change.

Changing the world is about making changes to small habits. Will cars stop driving and polluting the environment ? Well not for now but eventually it is moving towards that because we as human have realized the importance to stop destroying the world and become more aware.

Will humans stop destroying the forest in order to build more useless homes and products? its not happening now but more and more we are seeing the effect of our conservationists requesting for it and laws being put in place to change it slowly!

Can we stop and change human being greedy behavior and money hunger in order to satisfy short term needs? Yes, by creating awareness on the impacts of what their actions are, people will realize more and more how to make these changes…

We can only hope for a better future and for people to stop being so ignorant with their surrounding and the decisions they take everyday that have negative global impacts. Of coarse the purpose here is not to have everyone not take a car and walk only, and never eat a chocolate bar. The purpose is to allow everyone and every animal and species to live in harmony without creating negative effects.


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